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We have answered some frequently asked questions about our services and how we operate here at Buy Best Guns.
Please contact us via any medium we provide if you have any more questions

Here at Buy Best Guns, we sell brand new, fairly new and fairly used firearms. Our brand new firearms are more costly than the fairly used ones and the fairly used firearms are more costly than the used firearms. But all our firearms we sell come with additional packages like one or two loaded rounds depending on the firearms .

Yes!. Here at Buy Best Guns we offer shipping services for all products that are for sale . Our shipping services usually take 3 – 5 official working days depending on the product and where it has to be delivered to. You can contact our live chat support or more details about this.

Buy Best Guns offer a 7 days  Return Policy for any product purchased from us, if the product bought  does’t work properly or was already damaged in anyway before delivery. If a customer wants to return a damaged delivered product, the customer most make sure to contact us within 3 days after receiving the product, and provide  pictures of the damaged product on the first day after delivery to show the state it was already in when handed to him or her. And Finally you can only return a product for the same kind of product you purchased and not for a different one or an upgraded or downgraded version of the product. Contact our live chat to know more about this if you any more questions.

Buy Best Guns has the highly demanded semi/full automatic glock handgun switches for sale. A device that allows a conventional semi-automatic Glock pistol to function as a fully automatic firearm. But in the united stated of american the gun switch  is classified as a machine gun under federal law and has beed declared IILEGAL by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF). So we are not responsible for any law breaking accusing if you decide to purchased this gun switches if you are in the US.