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buy arms vska ak 47 online


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buy arms vska ak 47 online introduces their heavy duty AK rifle, the VSKA (vis-kuh). After been Re-engineered with critical components using machined S7 tool steel, a material so highly known for it’s ability to withstand heavy duty action that it’s used in excavator teeth and jackhammer tips!, The VSKA rifle features an all new bolt carrier, front trunnion, and feed ramp machined from S7 tool steel and specially heat treated for maximum durability. S7, often referred to as a “Shock-Resisting Tool Steel,” is commonly used for tools like chisels and jackhammer tips as it has maximum shock resistance and high compression strength, while retaining toughness. Here  at Buy Best Guns Online Store, we have the best AK, AK-47 Rifles and More  Other Semi Automatic Rifles for great prices.

buy arms vska ak 47 online is often a seven.62x39mm assault rifle which was initially created inside the Soviet Union by Mikhail Kalashnikov. It is currently made by a number of businesses all around the entire world. The AK-47 is most often utilized by military services, legislation enforcement, and civilians for self-defense. It is a really reliable and durable rifle that’s user friendly and keep. The Century Arms Vska AK-forty seven is a fantastic selection for Those people looking for a high-high quality AK-47 at A reasonable value.

If a 10-round mag isn’t obtainable, We’ll get rid of the hi-cap magazine from the cargo. We simply cannot ship prohibited Journals to away from condition addresses. There will be no substitutions or reductions provided for removal of mags.



  • TYPE: AR-47  RIFLE
  • CONDITION: Fairly New
  • CALIBER:  7.62x39mm.
  • CAPACITY: 30+1
  • BARREL LENGTH:  16.5 inches
  • WEIGHT : 7.5 lbs
  • LENGTH:  37.25 inches
  • WARANTY: Life Time