Glock 28 380 Auto

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The Glock 28 is a semi automatic pistol made by Austrian arms manufacturer, Glock Ges.m.b.H, wh0 started the manufacturing of the famous Glock handguns. It is valued as a service weapon (as its used by the Austrian military and police), a self-defense pistol, a weapon for learning how to shoot or for recreational shooting. Here at Buy Best Guns online store , we have the Glock 28 380 auto pistol which excels in performance while measuring small enough for a pocket or ankle holster for a great price.


  • CONDITION: Fairly New
  • MODEL: G28
  • CALIBER: 380 Auto
  • CAPACITY: 10 ( Come with two 10 round magazines)
  • LENGHT: 66.50 inches 
  • HEIGHT: 4.17 inches 
  • WIDTH: 1.26 inches 
  • BARREL LENGTH: 3.43 inches 
  • WEIGHT: 18.70 oz unloaded 
  • WARANTY: Life Time