How can you buy Arsenal SLR107 online ?

buy Arsenal SLR107 online

buy Arsenal SLR107 online 7.62×39 rifle with 16.25 “threaded barrel and plum Polymer Furniture Stamped Receiver The quality 7.62×39 SLR107R is a tip notch semi-automatic synthetic rifle, stamped receiver, made in Las Vegas, Nevada, using electricity and using the best of the beautiful and real components from the Arsenal manufacturing unit. Synthetic s with a Bulgarian 1mm Arsenal Milspec punched receiver and bloodless hammer and hard chrome plating. Original USA made components including Antislap Dual Level Cause Group, Milspec Polymer Inventory Set, Warsaw polymer stock to complete this rifle flawlessly for exceptional accuracy and precision. Although KVAR has this new Arsenal fashion in stock, I have now no longer placed them in both of their SHOT show booths. And while they’re not very exceptional from the previous rifle setups, any weapon will delight AK enthusiasts. new SLR107 and SAM7 modes. The Arsenal SLR 107 will appeal to budget-conscious buyers – an arsenal for less than $ 900 is a good buy. The new SAM7SFKseventy two may be a more expensive piece, but an Arsenal SBR item can be extremely sought-after.


 SLR107R – 7. 62 × 39, stamped receiver, chrome-plated hammer with 16.25 ”barrel, 14x1mm left-hand thread, detachable muzzle nut, bayonet, black polymer fittings, Warsaw Pact period shaft with compartment for Cleaning set, stainless steel heat shield, 2-stage cause group, 800m sight and telescopic sight. It comes with a five-ball charger, sling, oil bottle, and cleaning kit.SAM7SFK – short cannon rifle, quality 7. 62 × 39, milled receiver , Quick refueling system, chrome-plated cast hammer with an 8- and 5-inch barrel, the grain / fuel block provided with 24 × right muzzle thread 1.5 inches mm, removable cone flash hider, right facetted barrel shaft, black polymer fittings, poly hand guard ribbed grouper, heat shield made of stainless steel, ambidextrous safety, rear sight and scope no ear. Comes with a 30 spherical magazine, a sling, an oil bottle and a cleaning kit.

buy Arsenal SLR107 online – 7. 62 × 39 quality, stamped receiver, chrome plated hammer with 16 , 25 “barrel, 14x1mm left mouth thread, detachable jaw nut, bayonet lock, OD green polymer fittings, inventory from the Warsaw Pact era with compartment for cleaning kit, stainless steel heat shield, 2-stage cause group, 800 m diopter and facet rail for attaching the optics.Sixty-two × 39 SLR107R is a semi-automatic synthetic premium, stamped receiver and semi-automatic rifle made in Las Vegas, Nevada that utilizes the finest and most convenient components from Arsenal’s manufacturing facility. It is synthetic with a Milspec arsenal made in Bulgaria. 1mm embossed receiver and bloodless cast hammer and hard chrome plated barrel Genuine USA made components including two stage anti-impact base group, Milspec polymer inventory set, polymer stock from the Warsaw era to smoothly complete this rifle for remarkable accuracy and uniqueness . Color: OD Green Grade: 7,62 x 39 mm Total Length: 937 mm (36 7/8 inches) Run Time: 415 mm (16 1/4 inches) Twist: four grooves Torque Load: 1 at 240 mm (forty-nine inches) Weight without Magazine: three, 31 kg (seven three pounds) Muzzle velocity: 710 m / s (2329 fps) Powerful range: 500 m (550 yards) Maximum range: 1350 m (1480 yards) Sighting range: 800 m (875 yards)

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