The Most know things of AK on the Market: The RILEY DEFENSE RAK-47-C-SF– Full Review


riley defense RAK-47-C-SF been lucky sufficient to shoot numerous firearms over time and I recognize how the purchaser marketplace may be relatively brief to denounce a producer. It ultimately takes years for them to rebuild their reputation, if they could at all. For example, I don’t forget while WASR-10s have been taken into consideration trash however with refinement, they finally have become the maximum typically encouraged entry-stage AK. These days, WASR-10s retail for about $1,000 leaving a void withinside the entry-stage AK marketplace.For Riley Defense, the grievance commenced in 2018 while AK Operators Union commenced a sequence of critiques offering the Riley AK wherein it failed spectacularly on the 300-500 spherical count. The Riley AK noticed terrific put on after AKOU’s mythical torture assessments, the headspace shifted and it turned into not secure to fire.In defense (ha!) of Riley Defense, they took this remarks to coronary heart and made a few adjustments to the layout which have been apparently properly received. However, the stigma remained no matter some terrific individuals of the AK network voicing their aid for the brand new and stepped forward Riley AK.

The RAK-forty seven C-L handles like another entry-stage AK. It’s a laugh to shoot.
This aid is what led me to provide the RAK-forty seven C-L a chance. Like numerous people, I’ve been taking pictures numerous 7.sixty two×39 considering 2020 sincerely due to the fact it’s reachable and nevertheless exceptionally affordable. I bought the RAK-forty seven for round $780 rapidly after the Covid-brought on scarcity commenced. Nowadays it’s extra not unusualplace to look those withinside the $850-$950 variety that’s an extremely aggressive marketplace with the Zastava m70 ZPAP and PSA’s GF5 presently dominating this rate tier.
Out of the field, the RAK-forty seven CL doesn’t without a doubt bolster any magnificent specs. It’s an entry-stage AK sample rifle with a stamped receiver, 16.25″ 4150 nitride barrel, black oxide end and now boasts a cast trunnion after Riley Defense turned into placed on blast for the vulnerable solid trunnions in in advance models.It does but have a notched protection selector that permits you to preserve the bolt and charging manage back. This is extra typically an improve from Krebs Customs.Out of the field the RAK-forty seven C-L consists of a unmarried 30-spherical polymer mag. The C-L stands for “Classic Laminate” as it’s a barebones traditional AK with laminate timber furnishings which, admittedly, is a completely appealing bright-red. More on that later.A few courageous souls withinside the AK network have come to protect the RAK-forty seven. The cast trunnion appears to repair the headspace trouble and the overall consensus is that reliability has stepped forward through leaps and bounds. I can attest to this as I’ve positioned 2,000 rounds thru it the usage of magazines from MagPul, XTS, or even surplus Korean and Croatian mags with 0 failures.While normally now no longer unusual to AKs, the RAK-forty seven turned into comically over-gassed, launching casings 20-30 yards away.
I’m now no longer big on accuracy assessments in my critiques except you’re diving deep into the precision taking pictures world. In reality, maximum current firearms might be manner extra correct than you are. This wasn’t my enjoy with the RAK-forty seven. A few months in the past I reviewed the Zastava M70 ZPAP and blanketed photos slapping metal silhouettes at 277 yards without a hassle the usage of irons. I struggled to always make touch with objectives at two hundred yards with the RAK-forty seven.

Two shooters struggled to always hit silhouettes at two hundred yards with the RAK-forty seven.Okay, that’s weird. Maybe I turned into off that day. Well, I turned into fortunate sufficient to be filming with Josh Greenough, co-proprietor of Apostles Firearms Academy, and he gave it a try. Josh is really a far higher shooter than I am or even he had issues hitting at two hundred yards with the RAK-forty seven. This is disappointing thinking about that is some thing I can do all day with my decades-vintage Yugo SKS. two hundred yards is simply on the cusp of intermediate-variety in my book.Knowing the ancient bags round headspacing, I turned into diligent to test this each four hundred rounds. It’s nevertheless now no longer unusual for oldsters to file a no-cross sign on the seven hundred-1,000 spherical mark. It seems my RAK-forty seven is an exception and in no way signaled a no-cross so I’m relieved that Riley Defense appears to have this looked after out, as a minimum in my pattern length of one.

Quality manage at the bolt face and trunnion appears to have stepped forward.

riley defense RAK-47-C-SF, it’s an AK. If you’ve ever shot one, you’ll understand how this feels towards your shoulder. It’s lots of a laugh. The protection lever is rather smooth to interact and I turned into capable of control it from ‘secure’ to ‘fire’ the usage of my index finger with none trouble.The rifle’s laminate timber furnishings is relatively eye-catching. It contrasts properly towards the rifle’s black oxide end however unfortunately, it’s vulnerable to marring. I typically shoot  instances consistent with week and I don’t very own any secure queens. As a precaution to save you myself from indulging in any hoarding tendencies, I even have a easy rule: If I don’t shoot certainly considered one among my firearms inside a one-12 months length I must promote or exchange it. I don’t infant my guns.The RAK-forty seven’s black oxide end does now no longer preserve up properly. Marring may be very glaring withinside the photos I’ve captured in addition to withinside the blanketed images. The laminate timber furnishings seems incredible however it feels relatively cheap. The end on my rifle seems like it’s been through plenty extra than I’ve positioned it thru in my 2,000+ spherical review.The black oxide end and timber laminate furnishings are vulnerable to marring (See Butt Stock and Receiver)

What You Should Buy Instead

Look I’m a sucker for the underdog. I desired the RAK-forty seven to blow me away and I desired to sing its praises because the first-class entry-stage AK sample rifle available in the marketplace. But after a 12 months and a 1/2 of of use and over 2,000 rounds through it… the reality is, the RAK-forty seven is punching properly beneathneath its weight when you recollect the rate relative to its features.

I’m glad to make contributions my enjoy to the evolution of the RAK-forty seven’s layout and I do trust that Riley has made a few suitable enhancements over the Gen 1 version of this rifle however I can’t endorse this rifle in suitable religion understanding there are some distance advanced AK sample rifles available in the marketplace at a higher rate point, or for only a little bit extra money.

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